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Committed to Keeping Your Home & Business Squeaky Clean

CanDo Employment opportunities:


Position Name:

·         Housecleaning Specialist (residential homes and apartments)

·         Industrial/Commercial Cleaning Specialist

·         Machine Technicians (Floor buffers-power washers)


Position Description:

Our name: “Can Do” simply means what it says:  We CanDo!  We have made a pledge to our new and existing clients that we “can do and we will do”  a job which will exceed their highest expectation of the finished job. To honor this pledge, we employ individuals who are positive and enthusiastic about joining our team of professionals.


Expectations of Candidates

·         Current and valid driver’s liscense

·         Clean driving record

·         A clean background check

·         An agreement to follow company policies and procedures

·         A desire to clean with efficiency and quality

·         A willingness to train on new and updated industry procedures

·         Team spirit

·         Commitment to excellence in attendance and timeliness

·         A positive attitude with 100% effort.

CanDo Offers:

·         Competitive hourly pay

·         Paid Training

·         Paid travel and time costs



Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide a way of escape for residents in the home or apartment and  from the burden of cleaning which will enable them to afford and spend the spare time for recreation and relaxation as desired. We also direct quality and skilled cleaning services to the commericial business environment to maintain a bright and shining and clean workplace for employees.

Homes & Business

Professional Staffers

Happy Clients

Friendly Service

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